Dr. Malay K. Karanjai (Principal)

Gyan Jyoti College, the glow of the first rising sun in the field of private venture in Siliguri who set forth their journey with the mission to invite the true spirit of higher knowledge for the intending learners under the philanthropic benevolent banner of Vivekananda Academic Foundation, pleased to announce, that Dr.Malay Kanti Karanjai an erudite scientist, a glaring personality in the administrative field as a Principal for more than two decades in Govt. sponsored Colleges,an enthusiastic participant not only with the boundary of his own field of research work  in Solid State Physics/Material Science/Thin Film for which he has been crowned with Ph.D but also placed his presence with great admiration in the field of social activities with his rarest talent of motivating the students where he taught in both the capacities as Head of the Institution and as a popular teacher.

Dr.Karanjai has taught not only Physics but many other subjects where he showed his talent and addressed many academic audiences in different national and international gatherings and seminars. He also adorned the chairs of no. of seminars which were not only limited with the boundary of the field of his own research works but also established his attest, the variety of his interest in other such subjects, and decorated his crown with the publications of many new thoughts in the Journal both in the nation and abroad.

Gyan Jyoti College welcomes his joining in this College and hope our Institution should have more golden feathers with his joining.